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For labs that have a LIMS without SDMS capability or organizations without a LIMS, STARLIMS standalone SDMS can support the rigorous documentation needs that are lacking.

Gain efficiencies with a single repository for scientific data. The scientific data management system (SDMS) seamlessly integrates with STARLIMS to help manage instrument data and documents generated in the laboratory.

SDMS Brochure (PDF, 344.2KB)

SDMS Capabilities

SDMS acts as a central repository for all of your lab’s valuable document and data files. Our scientific data management solution makes it easy for users to access and share information across the organization. 

Eliminate Disparate Data Sources

Manage a variety of documents with the SDMS. Organize standard operation procedures (SOPs) and certificates of analysis, and pull in unstructured data from HPLCs, GCs and other instruments.

Extract Valuable Scientific Data

Parsing and recognition technology transforms a variety of unstructured documents or files into searchable structured information. Keywords, values, graphs and data tables are pulled from all files to enable easy search later. 

Automate File Processing

The SDMS Grabber monitors designated locations and automatically picks up and processes new files. File approval workflows can automatically be kicked off and scientific data can be routed to the appropriate location based on file type.

Reduce Cycle Times

Automate the approval process of SOPs, test methods, and product specifications by creating custom workflows that ensure documents are reviewed and approved by the right people.

Ensure Compliance

SDMS is designed to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, which includes record creation, audit trails, electronic signatures, data security and data storage in the original format. Modify the Scientific Data Management System to comply with internal data retention, archiving, and approval process rules.