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Crime Scene and Property Management Brochure

July 13, 2015

The Starlims Forensics LIMS solution is specifically designed for the forensic industry. From pre-logging of evidence and crime scene documentation to laboratory analyses to property storage and disposition. Use the modules you need today knowing the others are available should your operation expand.

Crime Scene Solution

As a crime scene investigator it is up to you to accurately capture every tiny detail of the scene. Who was on scene? What did they do? Who collected what evidence? What were the results of presumptive tests? It is a painstaking process and a single error can have significant ramifications both in and out of the courtroom. The Starlims web-based Crime Scene Solution is a comprehensive application specifically designed to streamline the documentation process by offering the following:

Time-Saving Features

Evidence can be barcode labeled and entered into Starlims right at the scene. Standardized drop-down lists and customizable crime scene processing checklists improve efficiency and ensure accuracy. Vehicle and body processing templates streamline note taking, and you can easily store and annotate photos.

Chain of Custody

Document and track every piece of evidence from the crime scene to the courtroom. Scan barcodes for efficient transfers and electronic chain of custody.

Convenient Integration

Auto-generate crime scene reports, work seamlessly with Lab and Property Unit modules, and even work offline by storing key information which can import directly into the system once you’re back online.

Bag It. Tag It. Track It.

With Starlims comprehensive Forensics solution evidence and information can move through the forensic life-cycle without the need to re-key data.

Property Management Solution

The challenge in managing a property unit is storing and tracking highly sensitive evidence and property items. Every movement must be accurate and every item accounted for. In today’s high-stakes criminal justice system the loss of evidence is simply not an option. The Starlims web-based Property Solution is a comprehensive application designed to facilitate real-time tracking and documentation of evidence by offering the following:

Time-Saving Features

User-friendly interface for easy record creation. Streamlined data entry fields for pre-logging of evidence. Reminders when evidence is overdue. Work seamlessly with Lab and Crime Scene modules as well as existing Record Management Systems (RMS). Eliminate double entry of data!

Chain of Custody

Scan 1D or 2D barcodes for efficient transfers and electronic chain of custody. Track evidence from receipt through disposition including destruction, auction, or return to owner.

Documents and Reports

Automatically produce inventory and reconciliation reports. Generate property notification letters. Record the suspect, victim, and owner information. Document disposition and destruction activities.

Starlims Informatics Mobile Solution

With our Mobile Solution use the right screen for the task whether it’s a smartphone or tablet device. Take advantage of device capabilities such as the camera function, barcode scanning, and GPS mapping.

Starlims Informatics Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics lets you easily answer command questions about Crime Scene and Property unit metrics. For example, how many scenes did we work last year? What was the breakdown by shift, geographical area, offence? Or for property and evidence management, how many cases did we receive this month relative to the same time last year? How many cases are pending destruction? How many cases are out to court? Turn data into actionable information.