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Hipra, partners in the Animal Health industry

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Hipra, partners in the Animal Health industry

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With STARLIMS Solution, HIPRA is able to consolidate all the laboratory information in a single solution, offering to their customers an added value, providing tests results in real time.

STARLIMS contribution to the laboratory management
  • Analysts’ time optimization, once their tasks are done through the LIMS.
  • A better control of the processes. The workflows system requires lab staff to overcome the methods by following a strict order.
  • An improved quality control. Each step requires user’s login and all the tasks are registered (traceability).
  • The creation of a corporate laboratory network. The same solution (LIMS) is used in different countries, in different languages.
  • Streamlined management of complex laboratory processes.
  • Through the use of STARLIMS Designer, Hipra’s IT department has the capacity to easily develop new functionalities specific to their business needs.
  • Efficient inventory management (laboratory reagents)