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Introducing Starlims Technology Platform v12.4

October 7, 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of Starlims Technology Platform v12.4 (TP v12.4). This new release is available as an upgrade to all Starlims v10 – v12 customers. Upgrading the Technology Platform of your Starlims system is a quick and easy process that will bring new features, performance enhancements and other fixes to your system.

This release of Technology Platform is a maintenance release that is focused on improving the performance of HTML5 systems as well as delivering lots of fixes mostly in server and HTML5 runtimes.

Support for Microsoft Edge for XFD systems

Starting with this release, Starlims is moving away from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge – as the default browser for XFD systems. All tests and validations for XFD systems are made in this release on Microsoft Edge on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems. Switching from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge requires just a simple IT configuration.

Note 1: Starlims is also supporting Edge for a select range of legacy TP versions for cases when an upgrade to TP 12.4 is not possible. Please consult the internal customer portal for more information.

Note 2: This switch from Internet Explorer to Edge is not impacting customers with HTML5 systems. HTML5 systems are designed to work natively on modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. As a modernization, Starlims recommends customers to consider upgrading their Starlims systems from XFD technology to HTML5 technology.

Cumulative update

Please note that Starlims Technology Platform is a cumulative update. Depending on the current version of your Technology Platform, an update to this latest version of TP may bring more features and new features than described here. Please feel free to contact Starlims for more information on the benefits of updating the Technology Platform.