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STARLIMS Molecular Testing Workflow

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Designed to manage the configuration of workflows for tests that use technologies such as: Real Time PCR, Next Generation Sequencing, Chips and Microarrays, among others, to match your laboratory flow and proprietary tests. This solution is not limited to diagnostic and personalized medicine purposes. It can be used in the biotech industry, where gene editing technologies such as CRISPR and TALEN require the use of molecular tests.

  • Manage workflow configuration and versioning
  • Configure plate templates and layout
  • Configure rules for routing samples and/or plates among workflow steps
  • Track reagents, consumables, and controls inventory information
  • Track sample genealogy (aliquots, derivatives, and pools)
  • Define of Master Mix formulas
  • Define of Adapter Indexes to use for Library Preparation
  • Access a library of OOTB workflow transactions
  • Support for addition of customized workflow transactions


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