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Starlims Announces the Release of Starlims Life Sciences v11.2

April 1, 2021

Starlims Life Sciences Solution v11.2 is built on the latest Technology Platform v12.1. This version of the Technology Platform supports the Code Layering feature which manages customizations completed to the core product in a new layer, making it easier to implement future product upgrades.

Starlims LS v11.2 release includes the following features:

Workflow Engine and Workflow Processing Enhancements

It also includes a new optional feature to manage work assignments. The Workflow User Assignment application allows the management of user assignments and reassignments to samples and active runs.

The Workflow Processing application now has two menu options: My Team and My Workflow Processing. The first one allows the user to see all the samples and runs assigned to their team, and the second one allows the user to see only the samples and runs assigned to themselves.

The Workflow Processing application has UI (user interface) enhancements to aid in a more user-friendly experience e.g., the ability to view a list of pending plates for a workflow step, a cross tab view of results, and the ability to view sample and plate genealogy information. It also includes new features such as search for samples/plates pending for a workflow step, scanning of barcodes to assign samples/plates to a run, and add/view comments to results.

The Workflow Review application now allows peer reviewers to do a partial (some samples from a run) release or partial send back to Workflow Processing.

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Key Benefits of Starlims Life Sciences v11.2

  • Life Sciences customers are better equipped with the release of Starlims LS v11.2 to configure and implement simple to complex testing workflows such as molecular workflows that handle high sample volume and manage plates.
  • Reduces the implementation time for customers in need of Covid-19 testing with the provision of predefined Covid-19 Testing Workflow templates in our Content Library and reporting enhancements for Covid-19 final patient report generation.
  • Starlims Life Sciences Portal and Mobile Solution for Sample Collection allows customers to extend their services to the lab customers to access the Starlims Portal and Mobile solutions to place test orders, with a very friendly and intuitive user interface for a better overall user experience and minimum end user training.
  • Reduces your overall lab turnaround time by improving the operations for:
    • Sample accessioning with electronic orders sent from the Starlims Portal and/or Mobile solutions in real time to the laboratory and reducing/eliminating manual data entry for sample login.
    • Electronic Orders from external systems integrated with Starlims using Starlims Restful API (web services).
    • Workflow Processing with automated instrument interfaces using the Systems Interfacing module.
    • Automated electronic reporting to external systems via Rest API or HL7.

Sample Labels Printing

This solution allows customers to configure their label templates using ZPL (Zebra Printing Language) which aids in better system performance. User can define the workstations (hosts) to print from and their default client label printer to use for each workstation.

This configuration for label printing is then used in the Clinical Sample Login application to trigger automatic printing of sample labels when the accession is logged successfully.

Various Enhancements for Reporting

With this release, the user can configure a delivery method to be an external system interface to be configured using the Systems Interfacing module from the Technology Platform. As a result, the reporting can be completed to an external system via Rest API or HL7.

The system also manages the automatic generation of a corrected report when changes are done to either the test results or accession information for an accession which was already reported.

For each Starlims site, the user can configure Medical Director and CLIA# information. This information is then used in the generation of a Patient Final Report.

Product API

Documented public API supporting Restful web services with functions to support the integration to Starlims Portal and Mobile Solution for Sample Collection and can be used by an external customer system to integrate with Starlims to send electronic orders.