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Introducing Starlims Quality Manufacturing QM12.2 Service Pack 1

July 12, 2021

Starlims is pleased to announce the Starlims Quality Manufacturing Solution QM12.2 Service Pack 1 (QM12.2 SP1) release.

Starlims QM12.2 is built on the latest Starlims Technology v12 platform. The solution supports the ability to interoperate between enterprise systems and applications and consistently execute laboratory methods as prescribed in the regulated and non-regulated industries where integrity and collaboration are keys to success.

Starlims QM12.2 already included the following new features:

  • Laboratory Execution System (LES v1.0) run integration
  • SAP S/4HANA interface
  • Starlims interface with Biovia Draw and Biovia Direct for chemical structures at the material management and folder sample levels
  • Biorepository
  • Quality Manufacturing application programming interface QM API v1.0
  • Starlims and Thermo Chromeleon™ 7.3 CDS interface
  • Starlims and Waters Empower™ 3 FR5 CDS interface
  • Performance improvements
  • GxP improvements
  • Other enhancements

We are releasing a new service pack of the Starlims Quality Manufacturing (QM) solution to address and correct known issues, also known as tickets resolutions. Service packs are generated as a normal course of business in between minor releases for customers to experience the benefits as soon as possible of the resolution of known issues.

The service pack includes installation instructions and it has been developed to be applied to Starlims QM12.2

What is included in the Starlims QM12.2 Service Pack 1?

  • Readme file with installation instructions
  • SDP packages with fixes
  • Release notes

This information and the link to download the service pack will be published to our customers and internal team via Zendesk. New customers will receive the service pack with the QM12.2 product. We strive to continually work toward the resolution of known issues and our commitment to provide high quality products to our customers.